Monday, June 27, 2011

Ugaram-the real God of world in Saurashtra, Gujarat

Dada Ugaram,

Who born in Bandra village (Gondal) from Ugam-Foj.
Ugam-Foj is started from their time. He is really live GOD and take their lives in their Foj lifetime.
When the prahlad took to the fire that time Dada Ugaram is presented their...
He made the way of satsang very simple by introducing Bhajan so a lay man can understand and get experince of supreme Braham(worship).
He took samadhi in 1968, Shravan Vad 10. He was a great saint of Ravi-Bhan spranday.

There are number of devotees of Dada in India as well as abroad.Gurupoonam and his Niravana day are celebrated with Bhajans and Bhojans by his devotees every year.

..Jay Gurudev.....Jay Ugaram Dada.....Jay Shambhuram Bapa..... Jay Bhuraram Bapa.....